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Futuristic character inspiried by to the CSI tv-series. I made this character inorder to explore and intergrate Marveloues Designer into my workflow.  Bionic Crime Unit Animals are a subject i really enjoy working on. The boar above was made with European wild boar (Sus scrofa) as a main source for reference   Texture and normals was made using fibermesh.  ( Im still figuring out how to make good looking Fur planes for PBR. until then the boar may feel a bit naked ) Animals
This character was made for lowend games in mind, my goal was to make a fairly low stylized character that could support exaggerated facial expressions.  View link for demo of the rig.  LINK > Stylized lowpoly
Hello and welcome! I’m a student yet to find my true specialization within the game industry. My current focus regards characters & creatures. I’m intressted in both the artistical and the technical aspects involved, as in proportions, anatomy, rigging and deformations.  
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