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ACNE Productions. Web Commercial & App Games Graphical AD & Game designer  ( 2008-2010 ) Transformator Design. Interactive Design Project Employee ( Summer 2012 )
University of Gävle Industrial Design & Wood Technology Bachelorprogram ( 2010-2013 ) University of Luleå  Artistic Anatomy 2013 Summer Course Futuregames Academy  3D artist 2013 - Current
My name is Kaj Westerlund Inazawa. And I love Monsters, Creatures and cool Robots. Since I was a kid there has always been a special place in my  heart for animated tv-shows & Scifi flicks. As a 12 year old I had my brain set on becoming a 2d animator. As a 25 year old I never became a 2d animator. Instead I've  been part of large commercials, Successful Appgames,  Designing ergonomical surgical chairs and helpt shape Health  care services. After much searching I finally found the thing  equivalent to my day dreams as a 12 year old. I’m going to be the person making the cool stuff.   With other cool people. 
Hello and welcome! I’m a student yet to find my true specialization within the game industry. My current focus regards characters & creatures. I’m intressted in both the artistical and the technical aspects involved, as in proportions, anatomy, rigging and deformations.  
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