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Description Robot Rescue was a 4 week game project made together with four other classmates. The Unity game we made was a puzzle platfromer were you as a small robot have to guide the larger robots to safety. Game was nominated for technical excellence in Swedish Game Awards.  My role Rigging Color correction GUI (PM)
Shared role Characters / Enviro (modeling & texturing) Level Art GFX
Description Companions is a Unity game made for the Microsoft Surface, The project was outlined by Microsoft working with Futuregames for a 7 week project.  My role Visual artstyle Characters GFX GUI Color correction
Shared role Environments (modeling & texturing) Level Art Level Design GFX
Description ACNE Employment. During my time at ACNE I’ve had the opportunity to work on both web commercials and internal products games such as Pizza Boy. My work task has ranged from Storyboarding, Client Pitch visualization, Game Design and Graphical Design.
Hello and welcome! I’m a student yet to find my true specialization within the game industry. My current focus regards characters & creatures. I’m intressted in both the artistical and the technical aspects involved, as in proportions, anatomy, rigging and deformations.  
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