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Inspired by the ratchet and clank games were the facial expression really conveys the characters.  This is one of my earlier riggs where I tackled to make a joint based face rigg on a lowpoly character without blendshapes since they are very expensive on pregen engines. I spent most of the time trying to figure out how to make the eyes blink over a large sphere and still keep an appalling shape of the eyes silhouette throughout a blink.  My solution was was to have two joints to handle each eyelid rotation over the eye instead of the standard of one. And lastly to have few corrective joints with driven keys. Bubbles Rig These are very simple light riggs made for a Mobile level of games. The rig setup is a simple FK & IK hybrid with some reversed joint chains to allow certain robotic movements, both robot comes with a set of double skeleton for Unity export . Robot Rig This is the first node based rig I made with propper and tidy controls and naming convention. This Rigg was made with a Unity Pipeline in mind and is set up for a Easy export with a Secondary more optimized skeleton and blendshapes supported by Unity. Nodebased Rig Download the Rig > ( Please note, I did not make the model and do not own the rights to share it. Therefore the mesh is not included in the file )
Hello and welcome! I’m a student yet to find my true specialization within the game industry. My current focus regards characters & creatures. I’m intressted in both the artistical and the technical aspects involved, as in proportions, anatomy, rigging and deformations.  
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